For the last 7 years I’ve worked in front of the camera hosting television and web specials on locations in 30 states, and behind the camera as head writer and co-producer for shows as complex as 2-week reality television shoots featuring multiple competitors and on-location shoots of remote conservation projects in some of America’s most pristine wildlands.

Heroes of Conservation (On-camera host, co-producer, writer) Annual 13-episode web-based series with Toyota and Field & Stream, featuring on-location profiles of passionate conservation volunteers from around the country. 2004-present.

Total Outdoorsman 50 Skills video series (On-camera host, co-producer, writer) Web-based how-to series with Field & Stream of 50 instructional videos.

Gun Nuts (On-camera co-host, co-producer, writer) Television (Outdoor Channel) and web-based series featuring hunting and target-shooting firearms history, how-to, and features.

Total Outdoorsman Challenge (On-camera host, co-producer, writer) This episodic competition series for Field & Stream ran on the Outdoor Channel through 2014. 9-day on-location shoot with more than a dozen producers and camera crew.